Eye-Fi introduces new X2 series of wireless memory cards

Eye-Fi has come up with its new X2 series of wireless memory cards that provides higher storage capacities and faster wireless speeds.

All the three versions of the card viz. Connect X2, Explorer X2 and Pro X2 work as usual SDHC cards, Class 6 cards and incorporate 802.11n WiFi.

Eye-Fi memory cards’ built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows its users to transfer photos from the card to computer.

All the three cards allow their users to share photos directly on web services such as Flickr and Facebook.

Connect X2, which offers 4GB of storage capacity, is priced at $50, while Explorer X2 and Pro X2, which offers 8GB of storage capacity, costs $100 and $150 respectively.

The newly announced cards are currently available on company’s online stores.