Starbreeze sheds unnamed EA project

Starbreeze Studios, the developers of Chronicles of Riddick, have announced that it had stop developing one of the two games they were working on for Electronic Arts.

Starbreeze had two projects in development for Electronic Arts, one based on Jason Bourne character, while another dubbed ‘Project RedLime’ is believed to be a reinvention of the Syndicate franchise.

But, the company said that it would now focus on only one of those two projects. The other, which was in pre-production stage, would be shut down.

Johan Kristiansson, the chief executive of the company, said that their aim was to spend more resources on the game that demonstrated greater potential.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Kristiansson said, “We will continue to focus only on a big production together with EA.”

However, Starbreeze did not affirm which of the two projects had been put on hold.