Eight UK retailers to stop selling power-hungry TVs

Britain's eight leading electrical retailers including Marks & Spencer, DSGi, Comet and John Lewis have pledged to stop selling power-hungry TVs.

Energy Saving Trust (EST) said that it was pursuing other retailers also to encourage them to make the commitment in advance of EU regulations which would force retailers to remove energy-wasting products from their shelves.

EU regulations are expected to be introduced in July 2012.

Commenting on the topic, EST chief executive Philip Sellwood said, “Their [retailers] decision to prioritize best performing televisions in their stock will help shoppers make a real impact to reduce their household carbon emissions and save cash.”

Environment Minister Dan Norris also expressed happiness on the initiative.

Apart from stopping the sale of TVs that do not meet new minimum efficiency standards, the retailers will also give advice to shoppers who want to make smart energy choices.