Google Street View under fire for showing images of secret SAS HQs

Google’s controversial Street View service came under fire yesterday after it included detailed pictures of the SAS headquarters.

The entrance to the SAS headquarters had never before appeared on maps for security reasons. But, Street View service showed the 180-degree view of SAS headquarters’ boundary.

Experts say that these images could be used for terrorist attacks.

Google has promised that its Street View service would not show faces and licence plates.

Speaking on the issue, a military source said, "Google claims it blurs faces and number plates to avoid people being identified but one mistake could be very dangerous weapon for a terrorist.”

This was not the first case when the Street View service welcomed criticism. Last week, the service had come under fire when it captured images of the 4-5 year old blond boy with his trousers down and made them public.

Google’s Street View service, which can provide 360-degree images of the streets and roads, has recently been extended to cover almost all the UK.