Ginetta announces acquisition of Farbio Sports Cars

Leeds-based marquee Ginetta has announced that it had acquired Bath-based sport car-maker Farbio, in a deal that will help Ginetta to advance further in the global motorsport industry.

Lawrence Tomlinson, the chairman of Ginetta, had acquired the company in 2005, the same year when Farbio was established by a former racing driver Chris Marsh.

Farbio presents lightweight super car Farbio GTS and its improved models viz. Farbio GTS350 and Farbio GTS400.

A rebadged Ginetta F400, with the 260bhp, has been introduced at Silverstone by both Mr. Tomlinson and Mr. Marsh.

Mr. Tomlinson said that the acquisition will help further development of the existing bath-based carbon fibre component facility.

The Farbio brand will be renamed Ginetta.