China again warns Google; Street View service good for burglars

The altercation between Google and the government of China is still going on. China on Tuesday again asked the US search giant to abide by rules to censor results on its website.

Google is threatening China that it would leave China altogether over web censors and cyber attacks.

China tightly controls online content and removes information that it believes harmful.

Separately, a poll conducted by the myvouchercodes. co. uk has revealed that 57 per cent of the people in the UK believe that Google Street View service was 'intrusive'. Several people are looking at Google Street View as a service for burglars.

Google’s recently expanded Street View service presents 360-degree images of almost all the streets and roads in the UK.

Opponents of the service have been criticizing the service, arguing that it invades privacy and anti-social elements could exploit the detailed street-level information.