Listeria outbreak in Canada

To the list of items voluntarily recalled by Siena Food Ltd., more products have been added.

Canadians have been warned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency about not to consume Siena brand Coppa and Siena brand Prosciuttini. There are reports that they may be contaminated with Listeria.

Reports say that the products were sold in Ontario and Alberta, but there are chances that they may have been distributed nationally.

According to the CFIA, it is working with Health Authorities in Ontario in their investigation, as they are aware of reported listeriosis illnesses in Ontario.

Reports say that two people in Ontario have been taken to hospital following the listeria outbreak and has sparked an investigation into two deaths which occurred while the products were still on store shelves.

Those most at risk from this outbreak are elderly and women who are pregnant and authorities have asked them specifically to be carefull.