Jennifer Aniston Jokes on Her Stylish Stunts

Jennifer Aniston reveals the secrets behind her glamorous looks and how she manages the same while on the run in new action movie The Bounty Hunter.

Asked how she managed to run with those stilettos in Friends star, who did all her own stunts in the film, dead-panned: "I trained for years - trained, trained."

In addition she joked, "She's fallen in a pond I know, yeah - dried well", while posing her comments on how her character's hair still looks outstanding after falling in a pond.

Jen plays investigative journalist Nicole Hurley who has jumped bail to catch a story and ends up on the run from her bounty hunting ex-husband Milo Boyd, featured by Gerard Butler.

She further added that it was her toughest shunt and it was quite hard with a essence of scare while she did the stunt.

Director Andy Tennant revealed that there she was bruised and she's handcuffed for half the film, and she had suffered from some serious black bruises on her wrists as she was very physical, because she didn't want the fake ones, and demanded for real ones.