Dell Mini 5 tablet integrates with Amazon’s Kindle to challange Apple’s iPad

The Dell Mini 5 tablet computer is all set to make its presence felt in a range of colors, leaked information originally posted on Engadget claimed.

The leaked document described the Snapdragon-powered device as "Streak". The upcoming tablet will be equipped with a front-facing video camera, a dock connector and capacitive touch-screen.

In addition, the Dell Mini 5 will reportedly integrate with Amazon’s Kindle, MP3 and Video services. It will also include a Kindle reader app. The Streak tablet will offer access to more than 300,000 e-books in the Kindle store.

Dell is yet to declare the release date and pricing for its upcoming Mini 5 tablet computer.

The Dell Mini 5 tablet’s partnership with Amazon is seen as an effort to challenge Apple’s upcoming iPad.