Fertility Doctors Say Acupuncture 'Offers No Help with IVF'

Fertility Doctors have revealed that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines do not increase the chances of having a baby through IVF.

Physicians will start informing their patients about this revelation.

An increasing number of women are ready to pay hundreds of pounds for the ancient treatments in the hope of attaining their unfulfilled dream of motherhood.

Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah is said to have resorted to acupuncture to help her conceive. Cherie Blair and Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow are among the other followers of this 3,000-year-old technique.

Members of the British Fertility Society intend to get a definitive answer for the contradictory results regarding the Chinese medicines supporting IVF.

Meanwhile, the journal Human Fertility states that 14 acupuncture tests involving around 2,700 women were conducted. It was found that the treatment did not have any effect on the women’s chances of conceiving.

The researchers did not hit upon any Chinese herbal medicine experiments that served their strict criteria, and therefore did not support its use.