AT&T adds Google Android platform to its portfolio with Motorola's Backflip release

AT&T has released the Motorola Backflip, in a move that added the Google Android platform to its portfolio of mobile phones.

The Motorola Backflip comes with a unique back-flipping QWERTY keypad and back-of-display touchpad.

The device allows its users to navigate its screen by touching a panel equipped behind it, therefore no need to keep fingers on the screen.

Mobile TV, music, video, GPS, 3G/WiFi are some of the services that come with the handset, which has a 3.1-inch touchscreen.

But, the newly launched Backflip does not allow install unofficial applications as "unknown sources" setting is missing from the applications menu.

It may be noted here that the Google Android platform otherwise known for its open and highly customizable nature as it allows its users to install any application.

But, AT&T has pre-loaded the Motorola Backflip with many of its own apps.

The Backflip is available with a price tag of $100 after a $100 rebate and with a two-year agreement.