Rebellion’s Aliens Vs Predator

The Aliens vs. Predator, the M-rated game, is based on the science-fiction called gorefests that was launched a few years back.

The Aliens vs. Predator, which is developed by Rebellion for Sega, allows one to play as humans, Aliens and Predators.

The new game is different from previous games. In the game a Marine sent to probe a distress signal a research base, a xenomorphs (Alien) try to escape captivity and free the queen of the hive from the human’s experiments. A Predator makes a search for some of his missing companions.

In the game, players experience chilling, sound of the Marines' motion detector and the burst of his pulse rifle. The snarls of the Alien and Predator are also worth-mentioning when all three species clash in a ravaged human colony.

Rebellion’s new game presents online multiplayer competition.