Nursing Assistant Accused of Submitting False Receipts

A nursing assistant, Margaret Hamilton, 47, is reported to steal money for items she claimed she bought for vulnerable elderly and psychiatric patients.

Hamilton, who possesses a 28 years experience in the health service, withdrew up to a maximum of £100 form the patients and spent her on her luxuries

The matter came to light when the cashiers' office at Monkwearmouth Hospital in Sunderland, noticed two receipts for items valued at £100, given by Hamilton, however, which were signed in a colleague's name, last January. Finally she was caught red handed when she moved to the Grange Day Unit, while continued to put in claims.

"The hospital had no dealings with money belonging to patients in the day unit", quoted Prosecutor Susan Hurst. Hamilton of Adolphus Street West, Seaham, County Durham, is reported to admit her crime of making malicious representation with an intention of grabbing a gain, between March 19, 2008, and January 14 last year.