London restaurants dare recession

Harden's London Restaurant Guide has unveiled an astonishing fact that restaurant-industry has been defying recession as restaurant-closures remained at their lowest during the past 12 months since 2000.

The review by Harden's London Restaurant Guide found that 64 London restaurants closed in the past one year, much below the usual annual level.

On the other hand, there were 121 new restaurant openings during the same period.

The price of dining out soared to £40.73 per head, signifying an increase of 1.6 per cent.

Guide's co-publisher, Peter Harden, said, "Everyone, including us, thought that London's restaurants were in for a bloodbath in 2009. Well, it just didn't happen."

Some of the biggest openings over the past year include St Pancras Grand and Murano, while Drones in Belgravia and Lindsay House are among the closed restaurants.

According to Mr. Harden, decline in VAT helped the restaurant-business a lot and restaurant-going people are still in jobs and their disposable income was boosted by lower mortgage payments.