Nintendo releases DSi XL in the UK

Nintendo’s new gaming console DSi XL, which features a wider viewing angle and a notably bigger screen than DS Lite, has been launched in the UK.

Nintendo DSi XL is has 4.2-inch dual touchscreens, which are 93 per cent larger than those of DS Lite.

The DSi XL is available in two colors viz. dark brown and wine red, with a matte finish underneath that prevents it from slipping out of sweaty palms.

Commenting on the topic, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said, “It is going to offer a new play style, where those who are surrounding the game player can share the experience.”

It comes with an Opera web browser and WiFi.

One can slot in an SD card to listen to music through the DSi sound application and to backup one’s pictures.

But, the 6"x3.5" DSi XL is now difficult to carry in a pocket and its weight is 100g more than the previous editions.