Student Slapped with a Massive 8000 Pounds Bill by Orange

A 22 year old university student has been slapped with a massive 8,000 Pounds bill for internet broadband services by Orange, UK's leading mobile network operator. The hefty bill has been a result of the student using the services abroad.

William Harrison, a student of the Nottingham University had gone to France for his six-month internship program. In order to ensure that he has access to the internet there, he opted for an Orange wireless dongle offering a data usage limit of 3GB.

It seems that Harrison was not aware of the limit; as he went on to use the dongle for daily Skype chats, which resulted in a shocker bill amount of 6,101.56 Pounds.

Immediately after this, he got in touch with Orange to block the service and was slapped with additional charges of 1,546.21 Pounds which covered the cost between the bill date and date when the service was blocked.

"It is an absolutely awful situation, both in the short term because of the 8,000 Pounds debt and in the long term because the potential damage to my credit rating could be disastrous", said a distressed Harrison.