Arabic News Translated to English Offered by Meedan Site

With the aim to promote between relation between the Middle East and the East, a new website, Meedan, has been introduced, which offers Arabic news in English.

The idea behind the project is the Westerners can see and understand the news exactly as it is reported across the Arab world, and get an insight into how perceptions differ from the media in the West.

Although the website's translation routines are automated, there are a number of human editors as well who go over the computerized translations and correct them so that there is extra accuracy.

Everything that is posted on Meedan is reflected in both English and Arabic, with the former on one side and the latter on the other, so that people from both the sides can read whatever is posted. Readers can also comment on the news items.

Readers who want to give the new website a try can log on to news. meedan. net.