Samsung 3D LED TVs Arriving First in UK

Samsung has announced that it will be the first company to release a 1080p LED-backlit 3D TV in Europe.

It will begin shipping 3D-capable kits across Europe in March, with additional members of its existing 8 and 7 series of LED TVs and 6-series LCDs. It also plans to release a 3D Blu-ray player, the BD-C6900.

3D plasmas TVs will arrive "late spring" along with 9-series LEDs and a home theatre rig, the HT-C6930W.

All of the 3D models will sport built-in Ethernet connection and what Samsung called "wireless-ready capabilities", which essentially means they have a USB port that can take an optional dongle.

The sets will also be equipped with Samsung's [email protected], an online applications store, which will become the source for media player software from various channels like the History Channel, the Cartoon Network, et al.

Samsung promised to support BBC iPlayer too.