UK firms to give fair pay; continues to hire migrant workers

UK businesses are showing more optimism about the economic outlook in 2010, a fresh survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development claimed.

Most of the employers surveyed said they would employ less cost-cutting measures this year than 2009.

More than 50 per cent of the respondents said that they were planning to increase salaries this year. Just 15 per cent predicted a cut in salaries.

The survey also found employers saying, giving fair pay to workers will be their one of the top priorities.

But, employers are still showing interest in employing migrant workers. Around 20 per cent of businesses have recruited migrant workers during the past three months.

Commenting on the topic, report’s author Gerwyn Davies said, "Despite rising unemployment, employers are still struggling to recruit the people they need and we are turning abroad to plug the gap.”

Twenty-four per cent of the public sector organizations have recruited migrant workers over the last three months as compared with 15 per cent of the private sector organizations.