Volunteers Wanted For Cancer Charity

The charity of the Fakenham supermarket is looking for as many volunteers as they can manage for their annual fundraiser for their cancer charity. The Marie Curie Cancer Care is actually trying its best to raise the necessary cash which is vital for the people suffering from these terminal illnesses and to provide quality care for them.

The much needed volunteers are actually to collect the money on behalf of the cancer charity at the Tesco store which can be located on Oak Street. It is a notable fact that a lot of people like famous football stars and also an equally famous television broadcaster have made an effort to team up and raise some money to provide for the sufferers of terminal illnesses like cancer that is sucking the life out of so many people.

It is a notable fact that about 60 women are trying to raise almost £30,000 for the charity by actually cycling all the way from York to Amsterdam sometime later in the year. A fitness session was also launched by all members of the charity which was actually joined happily by the football players of the York City Club and the presenter of Watchdog from BBC, Julia Bradbury.