As U.S. Program Grows, Mortgage Modifications Go Up

As U. S. program grew, mortgage modifications that were made permanent last month jumped 75% in January from December, according to the data released by the U. S. Treasury Department. 116,297 people in the Home Affordable Modification Program have steered into more convenient loans. 830,438 more are trying to find the way through the trial phase of the plan.

Last year, about 2.82 million U. S. homeowners still went astray their properties to foreclosure. Making Home Affordable program of Obama's administration that was much criticized earlier is gaining its grip to help ease the foreclosure crisis in regions like Sacramento.

"This is a problem of mammoth proportions. You can't throw 12 million people out of their homes, so you need a successful modification program. My fear is that this isn't it, but I'm highly confident that the administration will continue to iterate until they succeed", said Laurie Goodman, senior managing director at Amherst Securities Group LP in New York.

The Treasury Department said that HAMP is on pace to meet Obama's goal. According to the figures, 60,476 trial modifications have been canceled, while 1,005 permanent modifications have been ended.