Sinn Fein's Leader, Gerry Adams' Wife Fighting with Cancer

Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams has declared that his wife is being treated for cancer.

The couple was taken back when she was diagnosed with cancer a month ago.

The announcement was made at a party meeting where he was chosen as the representative to stand in the approaching Westminster elections.

He was thankful to the medical staff that looked after his wife Colette during, and post, her surgery.

"Now she is fine and recuperating after her operation last Thursday", he said.

While Mr. Adams claimed that he had not done anything to spoil Sinn Fein, the media had used his family problems to bother him and his party.

Adam's brother, Liam Adams has been alleged by his own daughter, Aine Tyrell, on the charges of molestation and is wanted by the police of Northern Ireland.

Liam was supposed to appear in court in Northern Ireland in November 2008 to face 23 charges relating to the alleged abuse, but he did not turn up.

Meanwhile, the Sinn Fein leader is under scrutiny to clarify why he allowed his brother to work with children in spite of knowing about these allegations long time back.