Honda's Mugen Limited to Run of 200 Cars

Honda has officially announced a new, limited-edition version of its popular Civic Type R. The launch of the new vehicle will coincide with the company's entry in the 2010 British Touring Car Championship.

The Civic Type R Mugen 200 boasts an exterior which is white, adorned with black mirrors, a look that will also be shared by the race team.

As has been suggested by the name, the special-edition car will be limited to a run of 200 vehicles.

Equipped with the company's popular 2010bhp i-VETC engine under the hood, the vehicle boasts a range of standard-fit performance and styling additions, in addition to 19-inch alloy wheels.

Pricing for the Mugen 200 variant is expected to be officially released in March, when Honda will be opening the order process.