SeeSaw to offer 3,000 hours of TV programmes on one website

Online TV service SeeSaw was launched on Wednesday, offering comprehensive selection of UK broadcasters’ content on a single website.

Users can watch offered TV programmes on their computer or Mac.

The venture SeeSaw, which has content deals with BBC Worldwide, Five, Channel 4 and independent production companies which create content for ITV, will offer more than 3,000 hours of programming.

The service will compile funded by means of advertising. Viewers will see 60-second commercial breaks before and during each show.

As many as 17 brands including Kraft, Ikea and Diageo have already signed up.

SeeSaw was created from the technology developed for the BBC Worldwide, ITV and channel 4 IPTV joint video venture Project Kangaroo. The Competition Commission had blocked the Project Kangaroo, claiming it would hurt competition in the market.

The newly launched service has an aim to provide a comprehensive online TV viewing resource for customers to watch their favorite shows and browse library material.

Commenting on the issue, Ian Maude from Enders Analysis said, “There are going to be a lot more choices for consumers in the future.”