Over 50% Women Tend to Blame Victims of Sexual Assault

A new survey has shockingly revealed that over 50% of women think that rape victims should assume the responsibility of the assault they have endured.

Also, every 1 in 10 women felt that dancing provocatively, flirting or wearing clothes which are revealing and/or suggestive partly made the victim responsible.

The sexual assault clinic Haven, that commissioned the survey, concluded that it is this prevailing attitude that ends up deterring majority of victims from actually reporting the crime. The survey included a total of 1,000 participants of both sexes.

Also, it was revealed that women were less forgiving of the victim, as compared to men, with those between the ages of 18 to 24 most likely to judge.

About 71% of the women surveyed felt that a person should assume responsibility when deciding to bed someone, compared with 57% of the male participants who felt the same.

"Women look at court cases and think she was drunk, she wore a short skirt, I don't do that so it won't happen to me. But rape can happen to anyone in any circumstances. It's particularly worrying that younger women are more likely to hold people responsible for what happens to them", said Manager of Whitechapel Haven, Elizabeth Harrison.