Parents requested to make their kids get MMR jab

After controversy regarding the MMR jab has been disapproved officially, people are being requested to get their kids vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella.

Assistant director of public health at NHS West Kent Jessica Mookherjee said that she was hoping to see parents go in for vaccination as these diseases were on a rise.

Andrew Wakefield, who had established a link between MMR jab and autism, has been labeled as an irresponsible doctor. The Lancet Medical Journal that carried his research has retracted his write ups following the GMC disciplinary panel’s findings about Dr Wakefield.

Mookherjee said, "Before the MMR vaccine came out in 1988 there were roughly 100 deaths a year from measles and we do not want to go back to that horrible scenario when babies were dying."

She added that to ensure protection to everyone atleast 95 per cent immunization was needed. Parents who have children under the age of five to see their GP for immunization if their kids have not got it yet.