Foreign Student to Face Tough Laws for Visas in UK

Home Secretary Alan Johnson revealed that the number of visas granted to foreign students is to witness a cut by the UK as part of a crackdown on abuses of the system.

He quoted that unveiling a range of tougher rules would require applicants to speak English to a certain level and ban those on short UK courses from bringing dependants. Also, it aims at cutting down the amount of hours they can work during term time.

The Home Office has been planning the crackdown for three months, following a review that was ordered by Gordon Brown on the controversial student, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who had studied in London, had linked up with al-Qaeda in Yemen after leaving the UK.

In addition it is reported that the news of the measures, which will not require legislation and will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Ministers speculate the new rules to be initiated before the general election – will introduce a significant slip in the numbers coming to the UK by tens of thousands. In 2008 233,000 student visas were granted with another 140,000 people granted entry as "student visitors".

Mr. Johnson told The Sunday Telegraph last night: "We created our Points Based System so that we could respond quickly to changing circumstances when necessary to raise the bar students have to meet to come to the UK.