X2 Takes Wraps Off its iTablet

British firm X2 Computing has taken the cover off its latest tablet PC, the iTablet. The new range of PCs has been designated as much "consumer friendly" by the company. How Apple would react to the company's naming of the device is yet to be seen.

iTablet is one of the most anticipated names for Apple's tablet device, which has now been released as the iPad.

As has been shared by X2, the iTablet range of devices will be equipped with 10.2 inch or 12.1 inch touchscreen or multi-touch screen displays, with a starting weight of a mere 1.18 kg.

Also, the firm has promised to bundle the devices with "easy to use" on-screen keyboards and in-built graphics, making it much useful as an electronic reader, a video player, a Windows gadget, or all.

"Significantly, Flash animations can be played to maximize the web browsing experience and enable access to websites using a choice of browser software", X2 confirmed.