Researchers Urge Referees to Publish Scrutiny Reports

Stem Cell Research experts have urged that the expert referees, who validate scientific findings, should have their reports published to make science more transparent and accountable.

They have claimed that leading journals and reviewers are unfairly blocking the publication of excellent studies, at the expense of other non-deserving studies.

14 leading Stem Cell Researchers have written an open letter to journal editors in order to highlight their dissatisfaction.

"Papers that are scientifically flawed or comprise only modest technical increments often attract undue profile. At the same time publication of truly original findings may be delayed or rejected", said the researchers.

Also, Robin Lovell-Badge and Austin Smith, two internationally-renowned Researchers, have spoken to BBC News about their concerns.

Dr. Philip Campbell, the Editor of Nature, said that his publication uses about 400 reviewers in the stem-cell field alone. If the editors find it worthwhile, they will ask two or three expert scientists to review the research and send in comments. "It is at this stage where scientists who may well be rivals of the person who submitted their research say whether the research is good or bad. They can also suggest to the journal editor that more experiments need to be carried out in order to justify the conclusions of the research", he added.