Percentage of Smokers to Reduce To 10%

"Each year smoking caused 80,000 deaths and cost the NHS £2.7bn". To do away with this problem, government aims at reducing the number of smokers to 10% by 2020. There is a plan to halve the number of people who smoke.

Christopher Ogden, Chief Executive of the Tobacco Manufacturers Association said, "The plans would do nothing to meet public health policy objectives, but will instead impose further unwarranted restrictions on legitimate businesses and private citizens alike".

Following the 2007 law which banned smoking in pubs, workplaces and other enclosed places, the percentage of smokers fell by a quarter in the past decade to 21%. The government plan comprises a commitment to make an effort to stop young people from embracing smoking.

Elaborating on the issue, Health Secretary Andy Burnham said, "We've come so far and now we'll go even further, to push forward and save even more lives. In 10 years' time, only one-in-10 people will smoke". He further added, "We will always help people to quit, and smokers should never stop trying. That's the beauty of the NHS - it's there to help everyone".