Melvin Uncertain Over Joining New Agency

Heather Foley Melvin, the head of Conserve Nova Scotia, does not know yet, if she will apply for a job with the agency called 'Efficiency Nova Scotia', which will be replacing Conserve Nova Scotia.

Her contract with the province will continue till June 25, 2011.

Melvin was the President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, from 2000 to 2002 and the Premier's Chief of Staff from February to June 2006.

Bill Estabrooks, the Cabinet Minister responsible for the agency, confirmed on Tuesday, that Melvin will continue to draw her annual salary even after the elimination of her job. He also said that she is free to apply for a job with the new organization.

"I can say that it's been a positive experience for me as the minister of energy to work with Heather Foley Melvin, and she has done the job that I have asked of her as we set up for this board", he said.

He further said that there are about 15 other employees with Conserve Nova Scotia, who certainly will get jobs in the new organization or elsewhere in government.