Computer Glitches Leads to Sending of Wrong Tax Code to Workers

A recent computer glitch and mix-up from the Government's end might mean that over a thousand workers could end up overpaying their tax bill by about 1,300 Pounds next year. It has been revealed that the new Revenue and

Customs system has sent out wrong tax codes to numerous workers, with some of them actually receiving 2 or 3 codes, and all of them wrong.

The mix-up means that the taxpayers who now have wrong codes could pay more than 100-Pounds-a-month extra; till they realize that there is a problem.

"Most people on PAYE file away coding notices without bothering to check them. If they do not alert the authorities that their code is wrong they will pay too much tax and not get it back", said Andrew Hubbard, President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

Most of the affected workers are those who have changed jobs in the past year, and the system has wrongly presumed that they have two jobs, believing that they have to pay more tax.

HMRC, last night, admitted that some "incorrect codes" had been floated and apologized for "any inconvenience caused".