‘ARC’ To Be the Expected Name of Sony Playstation 3 Motion Controller

A committed gaming blog for highly anticipated Sony PlayStation 3 motion controller, VGChartz, has reported that ‘Arc’ will be the name of the much awaited controller. The blog also stated that the domain name of the controller was registered by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., as found when searches were undertaken for ‘playstation3arc. com’ on ‘betterwhois. com’.

Although the blog mentions the date of registration as ‘2009-10-06’, the website does not seem to be functional as of now. Interestingly, according to the blog, the webpage also displays a caption underneath the image, which says “The Future of Gaming. Arc you ready?”. However the above rumored information about the name has not yet been acknowledged by Sony itself.

The blog also declares that the motion controller will be “arriving this fall with the Kownage Expansion Pack”. The device that was announced by Sony during the E3 2009 and will reportedly allow the user to ‘interact’ with PS3 on one-to-one.

A noticeable expose at this year’s E3 game conference is expected, but there is no clue from Sony on an official launch date.