Bill Gates on Philanthropy

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world right now, according to Forbes magazine, and a leading philanthropist, discusses the issues the world is facing in terms of health and education of third world citizens.

The software legend, in the annual letter PDF released by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, exhibited concern about the fact that developed nations concentrating their resources and concern on combating climate change in the poorer nations would result in funds being diverted from health care and education.

He says he was also taken aback by the difficulty encountered on getting medicines and health care supplies to persons in need, which blew his assumption that development of drugs and equipment was tough while delivery was the easier end of the operation.

Bill Gates, whose $34 billion dollar foundation is involved in combating various diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS in developing nations, is concerned over the fact that $100 billion pledged by the rich nations in the recently concluded Copenhagen Climate Summit for helping poor countries fight global warming would come be derived from health care funding.

"I am concerned that some of this money will come from reducing other categories of foreign aid, especially health. If just 1 percent of the $100 billion goal came from vaccine funding, then
700,000 more children could die from preventable diseases", he said.