Bra Fitting Services Fail to Live up-to Expectations, Which? Discovers

As has been revealed by a recent survey by Which?, bra fitting services offered by many high street stores completely failed to live up to the expectations pegged by shoppers. An undercover investigation was carried out in order to find out about these services, and only about 25% of the bras purchased by mystery shoppers were rated as a fit by experts.

As many as 11 shoppers, with a DD chest, or bigger, were sent by Which? to 70 fittings, and yet many of these volunteers were sold greatly different sizes of bras at different shops. All the women involved in the survey were aged 25 to 75.

One of the ladies was measured as 34FF at one store, and 40D at another, which is a difference of a whopping seven sizes. "The results were shocking. One bra was so poorly fitted there was room for a pair of socks in the cups. If stores are going to offer this service they need to up their game. Do it properly or don't do it at all", said Jenny Driscoll of Which?.

None of the six retailers that were tested were designated as being good enough to be trusted completely. Best of the lot was John Lewis, which managed a 45% score, and Bravissimo, with