Apple tablet could fetch $2.8bn annually

Apple’s much awaited tablet is expected to fetch $2.8 billion to the company, fresh estimates suggest.

Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets has anticipated a $600 average selling price for Apple's impending tablet. He said at $600 average selling price the upcoming tablet could add a profit of
30 cents a share to the company's stock.

Additional revenue of $2.8 billion would be a 6 per cent rise for the company.

If the tablet proves to be ‘niche’ product, the device is expected to report as many as one million unit sales per year.

If the new tablet is proves to be hit like Apple’s iPhone than the number of sales could reach ten million units per year.

Demand for the new tablet is highest in the $500 to $ 799 range. But, at a selling price of $1,000, the demand will tumble significantly.

In case, the new tablet proves to be a hit and snatches a considerable segment of the global PC market, Apple’s share of the global PC market could climb by 40 per cent.