Zero Motorcycles recalling some 2020 Zero SR/F e-bikes to fix rear rotor bolts

Zero Motorcycles recalling some 2020 Zero SR/F e-bikes to fix rear rotor bolts

American electric two-wheeler manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has confirmed that it is recalling some of the 2020 Zero SR/F e-motorcycles to address the risk of insufficiently fixed rear rotor bolts that may become loose, increasing chances of a crash.

All the affected e-motorcycles were manufactured before December 19, 2019, and sold as 2020 models. According to the manufacturer, the last five digits of the VIN numbers on affected e-motorcycles is either 13511 or lower. More precisely, the VIN numbers on the affected EVs range from 538ZFAZ79LCK11526 to 538ZFAZ76LCK13511. The manufacturer announced that the VIN numbers are non-sequential and just 411 motorcycles are believed to be affected by the recall.

The manufacturer warned that loosing of the rear rotor bolts during normal operation of the bike could cause damage to the vehicle or even lead to reduced braking capability, which can increase the risk of a crash or accident.

To help owners of the 2020 Zero SR/F identify the issue, the manufacturer said that an “objectionable noise” should be taken as a warning sign. The objectionable noise starts coming after the bolts start to back themselves out of the rear rotor. The noise is often high-pitched and intolerable. Loosening of bolts may also cause scratch damage on the caliper arm or swing arm of affected e-bikes.

The Zero SR/F is a nice-looking electric motorcycle that boasts to have 82 kW (110) hp of power and 110 Nm (140 lb-ft) of torque. In sports mode, it takes just 1.57 seconds to sprint from zero to 60 mph.

Zero Motorcycles started investigating this issue after it received reports of three demonstrator vehicles in Europe. The reports showed damage caused by the loosening of the rear rotor bolts.

Factory instructions stipulated the use of Loctite and that the bolts should be tightened to a torque of 10 foot-pounds. The manufacturer noted that all those installation requirements were met. When it re-examined the production processes, it determined that a new tightening torque specification of 26 foot-pounds should be used.

The manufacturer also issued a piece of advice, suggesting owners to check the rear rotor bolts’ torque after every 4,000 miles of riding or six months.

Scotts Valley, Calif.-headquartered Zero Motorcycles has already issued dealer notifications; while owners will be notified from 25th of October to 8th of November. With recall umber SV-ZMC-020-417, owners may contact the manufacturer’s customer service at 1-888-841-8085.