EMGo ScrAmper e-motorcycle comes loaded with several unique tech specs

EMGo ScrAmper e-motorcycle comes loaded with several unique tech specs

Ukrainian tech startup EMGo Technology has just introduced the world to its rugged electric motorcycle (e-motorcycle), dubbed the ScrAmper. The ScrAmper, which is a hilarious portmanteau of "Scrambler" and "Ampere" words, boasts to be one of the most powerful and fastest electric motorcycles in the world.

Unveiled just three months after the establishment of EMGo Technology, the rugged, go-anywhere ScrAmper e-motorcycle features a 207 mm ground clearance, which makes it perfect for fun riding in the city as well as on light trails. However, the manufacturer has made it clear that one should not treat it as an enduro model.

Describing the new e-motorcycle, EMGo claims, “ScrAmper is a powerful and fast motorcycle, effective both on city roads and off asphalt. Having an urban format, it at the same time has almost off-road clearance - 207 mm, so it can easily cope with off-road. No, ScrAmper is not enduro, of course. But it is dynamic and efficient outside the city.”

The battery pack of the ScrAmper e-motorcycle has an innovative cooling system of HD10 Power Pack elements. The battery has a nominal value of just 10 kW, which enables it to operate in Heavy Duty mode. It steadily gives 23-25 kW of power for half an hour. The HD10 Power Pack is capable of super-returning the battery as well as increasing the battery speed by three times compared to the e-motorcycle’s current parameters. The Li NMC, 92,4 V 104 Ah battery stores enough power to drive the electric two-wheeler up to 200 km (at speed of up to 45 km/h) and 90-110 km (at speed of up to 125 km/h).

It takes just 30 minutes to replenish the battery pack up to 50 per cent of its full capacity; while 80 per cent and 100 per cent levels require 60 minutes and 100 minutes, respectively.

Other tech specs of the ScrAmper includes reinforced rims, spokes and hubs; steel pendulum, mono shock absorber; and a centrally mounted Brushless DC Electric Motor that churns out a power output of 9 kW or 12 horsepower (hp), and a peak power output of 16 kW. It is also unique as it comes with a conventional manual transmission. Manual transmission is a typical spec of conventional petrol-guzzling motorcycles, not of electric two-wheelers. The four-speed manual transmission of the ScrAmper works in the same way as that of a conventional petrol-powered motorcycle.