Production of Mercedes-Benz eActros marks major step towards CO2-neutral road haulage

Production of Mercedes-Benz eActros marks major step towards CO2-neutral road haulage

The recent start of series production of Mercedes-Benz’ first battery-electric eActros Truck marked a major step towards CO2-neutral road haulage. Envisioned for heavy-duty distribution, the Mercedes-Benz eActros Truck entered the luxury automobile giant’s production lines at the Wörth plant in Germany earlier this month.

As the initial part of the eActros production is similar to that of fossil fuel-powered truck, the battery-powered truck entered production lines alongside conventional versions. However, the final steps related to high-voltage components will be conducted in the company’s brand-new Future Truck Center.

On the whole, the assembly of different versions of the commercial vehicle will take place in an integrated manner on one assembly line to the possible extent as the basic structure of the vehicle will remain the same, regardless of whether it is a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) or an electric powertrain.

After the initial production phase, the eActros will go to the Future Truck Center for the final phase of electrification. In the past few months, the manufacturer has made intensive preparations to ensure smooth completion of new production processes. The intensive preparations include the construction of an all-new assembly line for the eActros.

In a recently released statement, Mercedes-Benz said, “Step by step, the eActros will be further assembled here. Once all the components have been assembled; the entire system is put into operation at the Future Truck Center. The truck is then ready to drive. The vehicle is reintegrated into the regular production process for finishing and final inspection.”

The final production version of the eActros was introduced on 30th of June this year, and order books for the commercial EV were opened on 1st of October.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros comes loaded with a number of eye-catching tech specs and features. It has two battery/range options (3x or 4x 105 kWh packs), 420 kWh for up to 400 km (roughly 250 miles) of driving range. The electric axle of the EV integrates two electric motors that are coupled with a two-speed transmission. The peak output has been pegged at 400 kW.

Initially, the eActros will be available in Germany and other European markets like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Other markets will follow soon.

Next year, the Mercedes-Benz eActros will be joined by a low-floor municipal version, called the eEconic. The manufacturer is also working on eActros LongHaul – a long-distance transport solution scheduled for 2024.