EV giant Tesla reportedly ready to step up its game in terms of paint

EV giant Tesla reportedly ready to step up its game in terms of paint

American electric vehicle pioneer Tesla Motors’ mega manufacturing facility in Germany, called Tesla Giga Berlin, will reportedly go into an exceptional color depth to produce Model Y electric crossover in new colors. Tesla is currently producing its electric cars in five basic colors: white, black, red, blue and gray. Now, Tesla Giga Berlin is all set to produce EVs in two new colors: Crimson Red and Deep Blue.

The reports about new colors started coming after the new manufacturing facility and its state-of-the-art paint shop in Grünheide near Berlin was revealed to the public during the recent Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair. Tesla Y bodies in Crimson Red and Deep Blue were on display at the site.

However, there is a great possibility that the Tesla Y bodies in new colors might be a demo of paint shop’s capabilities rather than an indication of the company’s plans to produce and sell the EV in new colors as there was also some fancy Model Ys on display outside the facility. Still, the display of the Model Y in new colors excited Tesla fans.

Twitter user Alex (@alex_avoigt) shared an image of Tesla Model Y bodies in new colors and wrote in a twitter post, “What you see in the back is a new color from Giga Berlin Model Y paint shop The 2 new colors they start with are Crimson read and a new blue both with an amazing depth und unique in the vehicle market.”

In a separate report, Tesmanian wrote that there might be a third all-new "Khaki-like” color. In mid-February this year, an image posted on social networking site LinkedIn had suggested the Model Y could also be made available in dark green color.

In addition to numerous displays related to Made-in-Germany Model Y's colors, the American manufacturer also used the recently held Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair to reveal its upcoming structural battery pack with 4680-type cylindrical cells as well as the new facility’s capacity.

At the county fair, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Gigafactory Berlin’s main Model Y production line has the ability to produce one car body every 45 minutes. With this ability to EV giant will be able to produce 1,920 units per day; 13,440 per week; 57,600 per month; and nearly 700,000 units per year. Even after some maintenance breaks, the mega manufacturing plant will eventually be able to produce more than 600,000 units per annum.