Jeep unveils new Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV as part of its electrification plans

Jeep unveils new Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV as part of its electrification plans

Jeep, a world-renowned automobile manufacturer owned by Stellantis (formerly FCA), is one of the various automobile brands that are set to undergo a new accelerated electrification plan in the coming years. Stellantis’ newly unveiled electrification plans include Jeep, which took wraps off the new 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The official unveiling of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEV is being seen as another step toward expanding electrification, strengthening the brand’s ‘Zero Emission, 100% Freedom’ vision.

The upcoming 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe is going to be the 5th generation of the Grand Cherokee, which over the past three decades has become the most awarded SUV in history. The Grand Cherokee has sold more than seven million units globally since the first unit rolled out of the company’s production lines, and the vehicle earned countless accolades from industry experts. The new PHEV is slated to be officially unveiled at the upcoming 2021 New York International Auto Show.

Jeep also teased all-electric models in various segments that will hit the roads by the end of 2025, including some models in the Wagoneer lineup. It provides us with the first good idea of a timeline for the brand to roll out its first battery-powered electric vehicle. Previously, the brand only revealed early concepts and prototypes, such as the BEV concept of the Jeep Wrangler introduced earlier this year.

While unveiling that BEV concept, the brand had also announced plans to install solar-powered charging stations at some off-roading trails in the United States.

Announcing those plans, the company said, “Plans to install solar-powered charging stations in support of the Jeep® Badge of Honor trails across the U.S. are underway. Look for them at iconic Jeep® Brand locations such as Moab in Utah and the Rubicon Trail in California.”

At that time, the renowned manufacturer had only unveiled a render, but yesterday it unveiled some prototypes of those solar EV chargers. The company provided no timeline for the deployment of those charging stations, but one can easily assume that some of the planned charging facilities will be up and running for the first new BEV that is scheduled to hit public roads within the next few years.

America’s quintessential SUV brand Jeep wants to change its reputation from gas guzzlers to “green” electrified vehicles to lure new buyers and maintain its off-road leadership amid an influx of new competitors.

Jeep wants to be a key part of electrification plans for Stellantis, as it aspires to change its reputation from a manufacturer of gas guzzling vehicles to “green” electrified vehicles to maintain its off-road leadership amid an influx of new EVs from various competitors.