Tesla Gigafactory Berlin aims to start production in July despite uncertain permit situation

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin aims to start production in July despite uncertain permit situation

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, the American EV pioneer’s European manufacturing plant under construction in the Grünheide municipality in Germany, is pushing ahead with the company’s plans to start production soon, even as Tesla hasn’t yet obtained the required approvals. There is a precarious permit situation as the American manufacturer continues to face resistance from environmentalists and some government agencies. Previously, it faced resistance from environmentalists over large-scale deforestation and water supply concerns at the site of the new factory near the capital city of Berlin.

In spite of the precarious permit situation, Tesla has started installing production equipment at the new manufacturing plant. Initially, it had moved ahead with construction at Gigafactory Berlin even as the government had not given its final approval for the project.

Determined to continue with the construction of the massive manufacturing plant, Tesla has reportedly decided to go ahead with individual permits, but this approach has its own challenges.

According to a report published by the Handelsblatt, a German-language business newspaper, Tesla is still aiming to start production at Gigafactory Berlin in July this year. While the automaker has thus far failed to obtain the required approval from local government agencies, there is possibility that it could obtain the approval within the next month.

The newspaper noted that the American electric vehicle manufacturer is building the massive facility in individual steps using early individual approvals. For instance, it recently received such an approval from the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment for equipping the plant with machines.

The Handelsblatt reported, “The final environmental approval for the factory is still pending. A decision on this is possible until the end of March or beginning of April … Tesla is building in individual steps through early approval. Most recently, the company received such a permit from the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment for the installation of machines.”

Axel Vogel, Brandenburg’s environment minister, recently stated that the American manufacturer currently has a way to reach trial production without the final environmental approval for the massive factory. But the company must obtain final approval before starting volume production of its EVs.

The Gigafactory Berlin is perhaps Tesla’s most important project for the time being as the company has decided not to launch the Model Y in Europe until it is produced at the new mega factory. Apart from that, Tesla has plans to use the factory for producing its 4680 battery cells. Thus, there is a great pressure on the company to keep to its schedule to initiate production at Gigafactory Berlin.