Most Popular Card Games on Indian Online Casino

Most Popular Card Games on Indian Online Casino

Indians have been interested in playing card games from times immemorial and with fast-changing technology, social media and internet communication, card games have advanced to apps and online platforms. App and game developers have made impressive progress in improving user interface and responsiveness of casino games. Indian bettors have a wide range of games to choose from and reliable online casino platforms operating in Indian market are regulated by European Gaming authorities.

Card games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy and Seep are highly popular among Indian users. While the earlier generations used to play games at parties or during their free time, the younger generation has access to card games anywhere, anytime. The fast changing technology and high-speed internet access has helped game operators to add high quality graphics and interactivity to their gaming platforms.

If you are still wondering where to play Andar Bahar or other popular card games, you can take a look at the list of online casino gaming platforms reviewed by LiveCasinoIndia.

Many of these games can also be played with live dealer on the casino platforms. With live dealer, the fun of playing a game is increased enormously and Indian users love the experience (as per the feedback shared by users on many online platforms). The online casinos operating in India also offer support in Hindi.

Andar Bahar and Teenpatti have been steadily gaining fan following online and the download data for gaming apps confirms this. Satte pe Satta, Teen Do Paanch, Indian Rummy, Seep, Donkey, Bluff and Blackjack are among the most played games in India.

Card games have also been popular in Bollywood movies and popular culture. Many bollywood movies have popular sequences with actors playing card games. There are many variations of card games that are popular across India but the basic rules remain almost the same. Tombola and card games are also popular among Indians during parties and social gatherings.

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, many people were forced to stay at home. During the lockdowns, the number of players on these online gaming platforms has witnessed a strong growth. This has led to addition of more interactive games on these platforms.

Majority of operators in India offer deposit and withdrawal of funds in Indian currency. The funds can be added to account almost instantly or within a few hours. Withdrawals usually take 24 hours for most of the platforms. As per industry estimates, the growth in online gaming and sports betting will continue in India for many years to come.