Voro Motors EMOVE Cruiser comes loaded with numerous unique features

Voro Motors’ EMOVE Cruiser comes loaded with numerous unique features

The EMOVE Cruiser, Voro Motors’ recently introduced electric scooter, comes loaded with some really unique features that allow it to stand apart and outshine all others in the category. Built to last for long range, the EMOVE Cruiser travels up to 62 miles or around 100 kilometers on a single charge. For those who need to travel 10 to 15 miles a day, the EMOVE Cruiser is perhaps the best option as it will not get stuck halfway for at least a week without the need to charge it daily. The company boasts that its new electric scooter has been designed for travelling, not for recharging.

Its amazingly long range is due to its powerful 1.6 kW peak-rated motor and a massive 52 V & 30 Ah battery. It has been rated for 1.6 kWh of capacity, which allows it to run for up to 62 miles without getting stuck halfway. Several tests by analysts as well as customers have also proved that the environment-friendly mini scooter truly offers the aforementioned long range in the true real-world.

After taking a test ride, a tech analyst said, “I set out with a full battery and rode in the highest power mode. I traveled at full throttle for almost the entire test, slowing only when necessary during turns or at intersections. Voro Motors wasn’t BS-ing with their range rating – the scooter could really achieve 100 km or 62 miles of range.”

During the test, the analyst also used his phone’s GPS to track his ride, which showed him that electric scooter’s own odometer and tripmeter were reading slightly higher than they should. The mini scooter’s lights were bright enough to show him the way as he had started riding before the sunrise.

Available in multiple color options, the scooter has capacity to carry a maximum load of 160kg or 352 pounds (two grown-up adults), thanks to its muscular shape and strong motor. Its battery is nearly three times the size of all competitors’ battery size.

Other striking features of the EMOVE Cruiser include 20 degree hill climbing ability, acceleration zero to 15 miles per hour within 3.4 seconds, unique key to every Cruiser that prevents anyone else from gaining access to your Cruiser without your key, the highest water resistant (IPX6) rating, the hybrid hydraulic brakes, ability to fold its handlebars and fit it inside a car boot easily, and tubeless pneumatic car grade tires.