Tesla admits problem with Model 3 EVs leading to loss of rear body panel in puddles of water

Tesla admits problem with Model 3 EVs leading to loss of rear body panel in puddles of water

A flaw in the design of the Model 3 is leading to the EVs to lose the body panel on their rear bumper when driving through water, the widely-popular model’s manufacturer Tesla Motors admitted.

Multiple customers reported that their Model 3 EVs the body panels on the rear bumper of their vehicles fell off after they drove through puddles of water following heavy precipitation. The manufacturer investigated the situation multiple times but never admitted any manufacturing flaw in design of the vehicle. It just kept arguing how deep the water was that vehicle owners drove through.

But Tesla has finally admitted a flaw in the Model 3 EV’s design that is resulting in sand and water getting stuck in the underbody, causing fall of rear body panel in puddles of water.

Eric Bolduc, the owner of an anti-rusting vehicle body shop in Quebec and specialist in Tesla cars, said that sand or water, when stuck in the underbody of the Model 3, puts pressure on the rear bumper causing it to fall in some cases. He documented the issue in detail, claiming that he witnessed the issue in a number of Model 3 cars.

Tesla has also officially acknowledged that a design flaw in Model 3 cars built before 21st of May 2019 were at risk of losing of their rear body panels when driven through standing water on a road or thoroughfare with poor drainage or pooling water. In rare instances, the vehicle’s rear fascia might detach due to damaging of body fasteners or mounts. The company also acknowledged that damage caused during any such instances is covered under warranty given by the company at the time of the sale of the car.

The issue has long been in existence but the company’s official acknowledgement of the issue and confirmation of performing the repair under warranty is really a big relief for Tesla Model 3 owners.

Separately, the Palo Alto, California-headquartered EV maker has announced that it is updating the Model 3 with a significant refresh, including numerous tech and feature enhancements like new center console, new wheels and an updated configuration, to launch a range of newer version of the highly successful vehicle sometime in 2021.