French casino operator Partouche join forces with Pixel Companyz to create first Japan-led IR consortium

French casino operator Partouche join forces with Pixel Companyz to create first Japan-led IR consortium

Tokyo-headquartered Pixel Companyz has confirmed that France-based casino operator Partouche Group has joined forced with it to make a bid on one of the three planned commercial integrated resort casino licenses.

Announcing the collaboration, Pixel Companyz Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hiroaki Yoshida described the partnership as the “first actual Japanese-led IR consortium” designed to win the rights to construct and operate an IR casino in the Land of Rising Sun. However, none of the two partners revealed their targeted area.

Announcing the collaboration, CEO Yoshida said, “Pixel Companyz and Groupe Partouche will work together to plan, develop and operate a premier integrated resort in Japan. The consortium aims to develop an IR unique to Japan that will highlight the tourism assets, food culture, brands and the hospitable culture that the country has to offer.”

Earlier, Partouche was in partnership with Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Oshidori International Holdings to vie for a gaming license in Japan. But, on 4th of August, the French casino operator announced that it had terminated its IR consortium alliance with Oshidori. The new collaboration with Pixel shows that the French casino operator remains optimistic about its odds of winning a gaming license in Japan.

Like Pixel Companyz CEO Yoshida, global casino consultancy Bay City Ventures’ MD Joji Kokuryo also described the Pixel Companyz-Groupe Partouche collaboration as first actual Japanese-led IR group.

Certainly, Pixel Companyz-Groupe Partouche isn’t the first IR casino consortium to vie for a gaming license in the Asian country. American casino operator MGM Resorts International has long been teamed up with Japan’s diversified financial services group Orix. The MGM-Orix consortium is focusing their efforts to win a gaming license for constructing and operating a massive gaming facility in Osaka.

It is worth-mentioning here that COVID-19 pandemic caused lengthy delays in the process of submission of applications for gaming licenses, which are part of the government’s efforts to further diversify and boost its economy.

Pixel Companyz was founded in 1986, while Groupe Partouche came into existence in 1973. After establishing itself as a prominent player in the field of solar power and gaming manufacturing, Pixel is now turning its focus on to the tourism, leisure & hospitality sector. Partouche’s core business includes gaming and hospitality. It operates nearly four dozen casinos, luxury restaurants and hotels, most of which are in the European country of France.