BGC impressed by steps taken by UK casinos, disappointed by Government’s response

BGC impressed by steps taken by UK casinos, disappointed by Government’s response

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has said that it is impressed by the steps taken by the UK casinos to protect their team members and guests against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time the government’s response has disappointed the gaming council.

BGC chief executive Michael Dugher said the government should respond positively as well as quickly to enable the land-based casinos to resume operations as the gambling facilities have taken all necessary precautions, including deep sanitization of the entire property and implementation of social distancing protocols, to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further.

It may be noted here that nearly 120 gaming facilities across the UK have been shuttered since 23rd of March as part of the government’s effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
While essential businesses are already up and running, several segments of the country’s hospitality industry are scheduled to resume operations on 4th of July with strict health safety protocols in place. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that land-based casinos will remain shuttered beyond 4th of July.

After visiting London’s Rialto Casino, Dugher said, “We were obviously disappointed by the government’s decision not to let casinos reopen again on July 4, but I would urge ministers to look at the anti-COVID measures casinos have introduced, reconsider the decision to keep them closed and let casinos open their doors safely later in July.”

Dugher stressed he was impressed by what he saw at the Rialto Casino in London. He explained that he saw proper markings on the floor to ensure proper social distancing, multiple hand sanitizer stations, sanitized chips and screens separating team members and guests. He again stressed that all the region’s casinos obviously have pulled out all the stops to ensure they can resume operations safely after remaining shuttered for months due to corona virus pandemic that has taken thousands of lives across the world. He also warned that continued closure of the land-based casinos could result in significant number of job losses.

The top executive claimed that the casino industry always made significant contributions to the national economy and it once again wants to play its part in helping the struggling economy to get off the ground amid adverse business conditions created by the deadly virus.