Snapchat’s first hardware is video-capturing sunglasses

Snapchat’s first hardware is video-capturing sunglasses

Snapchat is coming up with its first hardware product, $130 video-capturing sunglasses known as Spectacles. Also, the Venice, California-based company is renaming itself as ‘Snap Inc.’

Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel said that the company has been testing the early version of the gadget since early 2015. The company has decided that it will sell a limited number of Spectacles this fall. Spiegel said that the company’s new name suggest that it is no more restricted to social media service only.

On the hinge of the frames a record button is present pressing which users can record a video on Spectacles of up to 10 seconds. Every tap means recording of a new clip. Spiegel said that the glasses’ camera has a 115-degree-angle lens.

The recorded videos can be posted to Snapchat without any require of wire and then delivered to user’s smartphone. In the starting, Snap plans to offer spectacles in one size and three colors, including coral, black and teal.

The Spectacles does have similarity with Alphabet Inc.’s Google Glass, but the latter one failed to throw any impact on consumers. As per the analysts, it is expected that Snap would reach nearly $1 billion in global advertising sales in 2017.

In mid-2015, Snap has launched its ad business. Experts have shared that Snapchat competes with a number of mobile applications like Instagram, Facebook and other social media players to grab the attention of teenagers and millennials.

Experts were of the view that if Spectacles can take the place of being a creative device that people could use for any decent amount of recording then it is a great thing. It could prove to be a very easy, but advanced technology.