Eye-opener study: Most teens use sweet and fruity flavors for vaping and not nicotine

Eye-opener study: Most teens use sweet and fruity flavors for vaping and not nicotine

A new study has found that most teenagers have not been vaping nicotine, but using sweet and fruity flavors. Very less percentage of teenagers have been inhaling nicotine, unveiled the study.

Study’s lead author Richard Miech from the University of Michigan said that nicotine is harmful for the brain. But after conducting the study, Miech has doubts as to how the US health officials have been presenting the threat of e-cigarettes to youngsters.

The researchers consider that federal estimates on how many youths use nicotine-containing tobacco products could have been increased owing to mistaken assumptions related to how much nicotine is involved in vaping, which is around 25%.

E-cigarettes came in the market a decade back in the United States. They were present as a less dangerous alternative to traditional smoking. With time, many new fruity flavors have come in the market. They come in both nicotine as well as nicotine-free versions.

Miech said that they were surprised to know that majority of teenagers prefer fruity vaping. As per the researchers, around 13 to 20% have confessed of vaping last time and the highest percentage was seen in elder teens. Around 7% used marijuana for the same, said the researchers.

In comparison with smoking, vaping has become a more common trend now. When it comes to minors, the federal government and most of states do not allow the sales of electronic cigarettes or vaping products to minors.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has often raised concerns by unveiling that more number of teenagers have been vaping products. Miech has affirmed that youth vaping is a problem, but the focus should be on teens whovape are more likely to later smoke conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products.