Ocearch discovers white shark nursery in famous waters off Long Island

Ocearch discovers white shark nursery in famous waters off Montauk, Long Island

Ocearch said that its latest discovery is the most significant one it has ever made. It has found the first known birthing site for great white sharks on the North Atlantic Coast. In the three-week-long expedition, Ocearch’s team has found the white sharks nursery off Montauk, Long Island.

Expedition’s leader Chris Fischer, founder of Ocearch, said that the North Atlantic nursery can prove immensely beneficial like it can result into better and more effective policies. Scientists may also be able to increase their scientific knowledge.

As per experts, the nursery is also vital because it caters to a very unique population of animals. It is a life stage that has not been much studied earlier.

Ocearch said that it has not expected to find white sharks nursery there. But upon finding it, they have been able to tag nine shark pups in just four days. Fischer said that the volume of sharks present there have left them amazed.

Scientists are not only tagging the sharks, but also taking blood samples and carrying out muscle biopsies.

Till date, Ocearch has carried out 26 expeditions and all of them were aimed at saving the ocean. The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Long Island Shark Collaborative were also present with Ocearch. Both of them plan to continue with tagging the white sharks.

Greg Metzger from the Shark Collaborative said that the activity being carried out by Ocearch is simply amazing. Fischer said that they will try and find out if any of the sharks is the offspring of great whites that they have first encountered off Cape Cod.

Fischer has also rejected accusation that they hurt these animals. “If we thought we were hurting these animals, we wouldn’t do what we were doing”, affirmed Fischer.